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Tailor-made Tours

About a fourth of our business today, Sovietistan Travel’s Tailor-made Tours grow in popularity every year. Together with you, we custom design your trip, when you want and how you want it. Since our start we’ve designed and run tours everywhere in Central Asia, and Tailor-made tours allow flexibility on pace and in incorporating other interests that are priorities, be it botany, wine, gastronomy, photography, hiking, culture, or some combination of these or others. Regardless of your interest, our tailor-made tours team offers unrivalled, friendly service and are extremely knowledgeable. Our Tailor-made Groups vary in size from single travelers and couples to small groups of 4 to 10 people, and we also work with conservation organizations to arrange destination events for members and supporters. You guide us on what you want (pace, luxury vs. budget, emphasis) and we create an unrivalled experience. Contact our team today


At Sovietistan Travel we offer both Scheduled and Tailor-made tours. If you are looking for flexibility and the option to customise your own tour, the Tailor-made route is exactly what you are looking for. 


By choosing to set up a customized tour, you get to:

  • Travel on the exact dates that suit you;

  • Travel at the time of year that best suits you;

  • Travel with family, friends or tour participants with whom you would like to have with you on your adventure;

  • Travel at your own pace;

  • Travel with the Tour Leader of your choice. This can be a Sovietistan Travel Tour Leader or a local, country-based guide;

  • Travel within your personal budget, your accommodation type can be arranged from luxurious to budget or a mix;

  • Customize your tour based on a combination of your specific interests, e.g. photography, culture, music, wine, botany, butterflies, herps, geology, diving, hiking, etc our team can put you in position to explore all of these and more.

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