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09.07 - 22.07.2023 Sommer i Kirgisistan - med lidt flere stjerner... Hvis du også er flækket af grin i selskab med Jan og Morten på deres rejse i Kirgisistan har du muligheden for at besøge os i det smukke Kirgisistan på den perfekte årstid (det var vinter da Nul Stjerner var hernede og besøge os). Juli er den perfekte årstid. Solen skinner, her er varmt og forrygende smukt. Det er ferie i ordets bedste betydning og aktiv rejse. Perfekt for alle! Du kan svømme i Issyk-Kul søens krystalklare vand, overvære Kok-boro ('kast-med-død-ged'), drikke gæret hoppemælk, ride og dagsvandre - i det hele taget nyde alle de ting som Kirgisistan har at byde på.

PS/du kan også få severet fårehjerne/-øjne og gæret hoppemælk... 

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Kazakhstan - April 2010-2.jpg
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18-29.11.2023 - Kyrgyzstan - IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SNOW LEOPARD; Wildlife expedition in remote Tien-Shan Mountains with Michael Westerbjerg Andersen


“During all my years in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, I never have experienced such wild nature and fantastic wildlife as this area along the Chinese border" 

We have made this expedition since 2009 and with increasingly success. The chance seeing a Snow Leopard is currently 75%; however never guaranteed. This area is by no means for the comfortable relaxed type of travelers. This is tough expedition to a rough world. There are no dangerous aspects or unsafe things awaiting the traveler. We just must emphasize that this tour truly is a wildlife expedition where the environments such as cold climate and harsh roads really demands patience and understanding of the concept by you - the traveler! We simply cannot predict the weather, circumstances, and we cannot tell exactly when we arrive or how long we will be on the road. However, what we CAN predict, and promise is a visit to a truly magnificent area, and an adventure in the northern Himalayas very few people have experienced. In addition, can we promise the most experienced staff, enough and tasty food, and… fantastic nature and wildlife! 


This expedition will try to reveal some of the unique mammals seen in Northern Himalaya. Unique mammals are on our target list: Argali, Siberian Ibex, Wolf and of course – great birds. We also hope of watching one of the most mythic animals on globe – the Snow Leopard, but we don’t deal with pure Snow Leopard Expeditions as its simply too difficult to make agreements with the Snow Leopard, however Miksture possess one of the world’s highest success rates when it comes to finding a wild Snow Leopard. All details are fixed and ready. On this expedition, we travel deep into the heart of the Snow Leopards kingdom, and with the expertise of our team, our chances for an encounter are reasonable.

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01.09 - 23.09.2024 - The Big Silk Road round trip - Sovietistan '5-stan; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan' - with 2 tour leaders + local guides.


The journey begin in Kazakhstan’s new capital Nur-Sultan with its modern architecture, e.g. Norman Foster’s award-winning architectural design and engineering with innovative, modern and sustainable approach, ALZHIR  Gulag camp/museum, Nur Alem, the Kazakhstan Pavilion and Science Museum (a legacy of EXPO 2017), Almatys Ascension Cathedral, Medeo skating rink (“The factory of records”), Tashkent city tour, Nukus world famous Nukus Museum of Art (Savitsky Museum), Kunya Urgench (UNESCO), Darwaza gas crater "Gate to Hell," Ashgabat – the city of white marble, Nisa (UNESCO) ancient settlement, ancient Merv (UNESCO), famous Silk Road city Bukhara (UNESCO) with its splendid Citadel Ark, Poi Kalan Complex with Kalyan Mosque, Kalyan Minaret (Tower of Death) and Mir-i-Arab Madrasah, Gijduvan (ceramic), Samarkand (UNESCO) with  abundance of unique monuments of ancient architecture, heritage of scientific and arts schools; Registan Square (considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful squares), Guri Amir Mausoleum, Shah-i-Zinda necropolis, Tajikistans Panjakent; Rudaki museum, Khujand, Kokand, Rishtan – oldest city of ceramic art, Margilans silk bazaars and factories, Fergana – ferghana Valleys fruit basket, Osh, Kyrgyzstans 3.000 year old Silk Road city and Sulayman mountain (UNESCO), Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, Burana ‘tower,’ Lake Issyk Kul and fabolous Tian-Shan Mountains, Karakol (former Przhevalsk), administrative centre of eastern Issyk-Kul region, excursion to the beautiful Tian Shan mountains, Przhevalsky Museum, Dungan Mosque,  Jeti Oghuzs, ”Seven Bulls’ and Bokonbaeva; handmade felt & Shyrdak (nomadic traditional carpets).


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